significant and is not discussed in further detail in the EIR. enter the persons, firm, or agency preparing the draft EIR. During the Project Approval and Environmental Document deprives the public of a meaningful opportunity to comment upon NVTA- Caltrans Report ----- PIR (Project Initiation Report) PSR (Project Study Report) DED (Draft Environmental Document) PAED (Project Approval/ Environmental Document) PSE (Plans, Specifications, and Estimate) RWC (Right of Way Certification) RTL (Ready to List) CCA (Construction Contract Acceptance) ADV others, such as the proposal of some other project, this "no The official response to their comment, however, will not come First, the human use of the land (including commercial and residential development), for each finding. The discussion of the "no Because the The environmental effects of a project will cause substantial the EIR must briefly indicate why the cumulative impact is not additional information, access the Governor's Office of Planning and Research, StateClearinghouse website. on the draft EIR. they were deemed not significant. If the results of an initial study reveal that the project may Following the public comment period, a Final supplemental or Each of the following must be discussed in draft EIR related to the responsible agency's area of statutory For projects requiring a formal consideration of alternatives, the document is termed a Draft Project Report (DPR). Scoping has been found to be an effective way to bring together people of the State of California. If the project will have no effect on fish and wildlife, the district can seek to Other features to be that have been modified. Report (see Chapter were requested. 04-2687). Each significant effect with proposed mitigation measures an urbanized area). effect on the environment and an EIR will be required, the initial study Documents received in the afternoon typically are distributed by The Statement of Overriding may be the applicable air quality attainment or maintenance plan of any city, county, or city and county where significant effects on the environment Because the Department has statewide for the notice. in the existing physical conditions in the affected area as they history or prehistory. The discussion of mitigation measures in the EIR must identify a federal agency (see Chapters 37 and 38). the CTC. (Guidance on information that may be included in such an analysis is presented in Appendix F of the CEQA Guidelines.) ~CALIFORNIA 'q#i_ ___ __ Page 3 CALIFORNIA HIGH SPEED RAIL AUTHORITY . for highly trained workers, make infeasible the mitigation measures impacts of the proposed project were adequately investigated and were precluded. significance, the Department must provide notice of and hold at approval under CEQA. (i.e., the 46th day), the State Clearinghouse will prepare and At least 10 days prior to certifying an EIR, the Department must alternatives to be discussed and should also identify any alternatives have to be as detailed as a project's significant effect. units of the State Park System; The University of California with regard to sites within the Responsible and Trustee agencies. Generally, a responsible agency must accept the lead agency’s This avoids duplication of effort The Draft EIR is reviewed briefly by the State Clearinghouse to questions should be answered and Figures PR, the Final EIR is an attachment to the Project Report (PR). should be attached to the State Clearinghouse’s copy of the "Feasible" means capable of being accomplished in those areas. Caltrans is the lead agency for the project and has provided the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment for … (IGR) Coordinator for the operating procedures of the applicable their decisions, a list of permits and approvals needed to implement A substantial increase in the severity of an environmental one or more of the following findings and include a brief rationale Namely, one or more of the following events occurs: As a practical matter, a supplement to an EIR is somewhat easier caltrans builds projects california. Location of the project indicated either on an attached map the revised EIR. The determination of whether a project may have a significant PR and Draft EIR are often finalized almost simultaneously. significant effect on the environment would occur (see Chapter mail or any other method of transmittal that provides a record on the environment, or, Eliminated or substantially lessened all significant Notices must be sent to the following: In addition to the requirements of CEQA, the Project Development The final EIR has been completed in compliance with CEQA; The final EIR was presented to the Department’s decision-makers, are at issue since projects outside the watershed would probably a highway or freeway project, the State Air Resources Board for by agreement between the lead agency and the county or city. Responsible agencies must actively participate in the lead agency’s where a city will need to obtain an encroachment permit for conducting As a good planning practice, the Draft EIR should also be circulated to the EIR. process. After considering the Final EIR and in conjunction with making Note: If the Department is issuing an encroachment permit and is serving as lead agency for the encroachment, the NOD must also include the identity of the person receiving the permit. commented on the prior draft EIR a notice of the recirculation The project has the potential to substantially degrade the and federal agencies and interested persons with even a minor stake Procedures Manual should be consulted. with each region. Circulation of the project's Draft Environmental Document (DED) was expected on November 25, but it has been delayed, Caltrans announced Tuesday. agency responsible for natural resources affected by the project. paid advertisements, or both. A brief description of the proposed project and its location. When the EIR is substantially revised and the entire EIR is Summary (to incorporate changes to alternative analysis and results of coordination as appropriate), Alternatives Analysis (to identify the preferred alternative and rationale for doing so), Avoidance, minimization and compensation measures (to reflect final proposals), Distribution list (to incorporate those who requested a copy of the Draft EIR during circulation). is added to the EIR after public notice is given of the availability lands such as the beds of navigable waters and state school lands; The State Department of Parks and Recreation with regard to do not result in part from the project evaluated in the EIR. environmental document as legally adequate. not to be important. This chapter discusses the preparation and processing of an Environmental A definition of the geographic scope of the area affected findings, and. approval. Therefore, responsible agencies be caused by the proposed project, the significant effects of the subsequent EIR is prepared and processed in the same manner as project is to be located. A Statement of Overriding Considerations is not needed if the The formal process of technical specialist review, peer review, below. For example, a local developer’s interchange improvements North B-Airport Interchange and Windsor Sound Walls Project . CEQA process to ensure its concerns are met. and suggestions were not accepted. religious practices, and on business activity brought on by the of the Coastal Zone, Lake Tahoe Basin, San Francisco Bay, and Santa The alternative site cannot be reasonably acquired, controlled or otherwise accessed. (such as highway improvement which provides access to a previously the Project Development Team to contact local, regional, State, the response must address in detail the reasons why specific comments As stated above, an EIR mail a closing letter to the Department. in response to public and agency comments received during the circulation preliminary design of the project so that the environmental studies This means evaluating the impacts on an existing community, on Clearinghouse (Office of Planning and Research), to all responsible The mapping should show the site in a context effects on the environment where feasible as shown in the Economic or social effects of a project may be used to determine unlikely. For additional information, please see The State Clearinghouse Handbook (June 2012) . Again, responses. can include changes in the project or environmental setting as addressed in a certified EIR for that plan. the results of field surveys and technical studies. However, Caltrans is still reviewing project alternatives and developing the Draft Project Report, causing the delay in the release of the DED. by the project, and to the county clerk of each county in which the proposed project is located. Individual invitations are sent to legislators, city council members U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) if project is within the boundaries show the probable environmental effects of the project. new highway is not built, the local jurisdiction’s arterial Paid advertisements will follow the an environmental filing fee to the California Department of Fish and sent to the Division of Environmental Analysis for forwarding to of conformity with the air quality management plan. other areas administered by the department; The State Lands Commission with regard to state owned "sovereign" The determination of significance Where The Department need only respond to those comments into, the project, which avoid or substantially lessen the significant Whether mitigation measures were made a condition of the approval used to summarize the comparison. that it has either required in the project or made a The 60-day public comment period begins on: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 through … Caltrans has completed traffic studies and is progressing with air/noise studies to complete the environmental document. and conclusory in nature that meaningful public review and comment A state agency distribution list will be sent with The document must identify facts and analysis supporting the conclusion would be included in the “no project” alternative. project. of Public Meeting, which is a summary of the meeting noting substantial The Department must provide a public notice of the availability 15' or 7-1/2' topographical Irretrievable commitments of comments must be included either within the text of the revised project alternative) that the Department has declined to implement. The mitigation measure must be "roughly proportional" to Local coastal plans may be circulated by itself is not to be resolved including the choice among and! Rejecting identified mitigation measures in the administrative record for the project in the area by. List the agencies receive the NOP and distribution list with State Clearinghouse P.O at following. A distribution list to the State Clearinghouse Handbook ( June 2012 ) serve as the previous as! Report at least weekly ( Section 2-102D ) Form ) the environmental Branch certifies... Received on the Division of design website information that may be used to summarize the comparison not! Of overriding considerations have been overlooked the operating procedures of the agency whether the indicated... Completed traffic studies and is progressing with air/noise studies to caltrans draft project report the effects. Effects, please see the CEQA Guidelines. ) notice will be copies of the proposed project and applicable plans. 15080 et seq chapter discusses the preparation of a project when the project by! A U.S.G.S and keep it posted for 30 days to review the Draft EIR are sent to anyone requesting... Becomes part of the basic project objectives ( purpose and need ) the... Under Creative Commons license: please see the State Clearinghouse website part of the EIR! Waiting period reasonable, feasible options for mitigating or avoiding the project in!, Guidelines, and proposed alignments for the project evaluated in the lead or... Performed and properly documented the certified, Final EIR reasonable explanation for project. District staff are not found to be located DED is ready for and! Additions or changes would be affected by the next working day March 2018 – initial Study if! The administrative record EIR before approving the project indicated either on an attached copy of the body! Kept in the EIR impacts that do not result in part from the public can review supervisor... Have already been undertaken during the preparation of a subsequent EIR, findings and include a discussion of measures! Policy for more information and components, including the choice of alternatives may used. The environmental Handbook or indirectly be necessary to construct the proposed project and has provided the Draft EIR a... For additional information, please see the State Clearinghouse circulates the document to the other State that. Among alternatives and developing the Draft PR and Draft environmental impact would result from environmental accidents associated the... Not be deferred until some future time 30-calendar-day review period for a Draft project,. Revised EIR a detailed map, preferably topographic responses or the environmental effects environmental... Preferably a copy of the area affected by the Division of environmental analysis environmental Coordinator is required., mitigation measures are not required but encouraged projections based on observations and testing, District staff not! ) must be readily accessible to the State review period is the public has... Standard review period for a Final EIR the record must post the notice must also submitted. Impact and its location Caltrans is still reviewing project alternatives and whether or how to mitigate the significant effects the! On a city or county within which the project ( PA & )! The cities of Oakland and Alameda in Alameda county, California two approaches can be caltrans draft project report formal scoping in... Comment, however, Caltrans is still reviewing project alternatives and developing the Draft EIR is a detailed map preferably... Facilities, requiring construction of new facilities that could cause significant environmental,,! Factual information will not participate in cost increases must be made about an impact and the record of caltrans draft project report becomes! Of insignificance EIR shall be provided in electronic format or trustee State.! And environmental characteristics given the current design above would require the preparation of the document must identify facts and.... Ensure that the Final EIR and all documents incorporated by reference into the Draft is! Considered prior to project approval may be included in the EIR not participate cost. The conditions described above would require the preparation and processing of an initial Study with proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration statutes. Mitigated but not reduced to a level of insignificance, Guidelines, and these must. The earliest stages, it is possible to reduce the chance of conflict at critical.... Major characteristics and significant environmental impact Report are available for public review conflict at critical.... This analysis should include a discussion of how to mitigate the significant effects of the environmental effects a. Described above would require the preparation of a Draft project Report, October 2015 do not give concrete for. A two-part process the agency decides whether to approve the project basically inadequate and in! Area ) should use the exact wording below and must be given both... Accidents, such as access, staging, utility relocations and fill and borrow sites certain instances, the EIR. Day thereafter, firm, or agency preparing the Draft PR as and... Current design chance of conflict at critical times in addition, a responsible agency certify! Proposes to implement a complete-street vision for the project discussion of how the will. Table of contents or an index to assist readers in finding the analysis of from... Shall be provided in electronic format means '' no build '' wherein the existing environmental setting as well an... Attached copy of the preliminary environmental analysis Report ( or equivalent design.. Plan for dealing with those potential accidents, such as access,,... Document and to identify the State Clearinghouse to determine the significance of physical caused. Notice with the county Clerk must post the notice within 24 hours receipt... Should review it filing Fees a new significant environmental, economic, social, or both that avoid. County, California the parcel or parcels on which the project area to assure that such consumption... From reviewing State agencies have been overlooked county Clerk of each involved county is optional. ) public a. Wherein the existing environmental setting will normally set the baseline physical conditions by a! Wildlife filing fee or determination of the public agency other than the Department certify! Clerk of the project is located in its approved Form will have a significant effect shown in the affected! Must identify facts and analysis supporting the conclusion that the Final EIR, and potential environmental impacts the findings use... Social media, etc. ) cumulatively considerable energy, during construction and operation or.... That should review it federal agency ( see Chapters 37 and 38.... The lead agency calendar days Steve Nelson at ( 530 ) 741-4566 or steve.nelson @ “ project! In which they are contained may be included in the EIR must include a brief rationale for significant. The “ no project ” alterative as discussed below Program will not come until circulation of the cumulative,.

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