He's unique-y, nique-y, nique-y Sneaky Pete (Tina:) Stayin' up till Midnight Okay, it's not a burger but I'll just pretend it is and maybe cry, (Felix:) I did what I had to, I have no regrets (Tina:) No. Wheelie Mammoth wooly Wheelie Mammoth whee-, Wood Chucks making bucks Don't dump it in a ditch (Linda:) Is that a different Allen from the last video? Think we're gonna be great pals Damon: And Venus can't see your penis, You're bursting out of your pores (Breaking out) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve (Tina:) I guess, you're just what I needed (Everyone else: Just what I needed!) You like that jock, I need you to lift me, As ninety-nine red balloons go by (Zeke:) Much to my surprise they're all staring at my thighs Is to climb up really high Abracadabra-ca-dab! Ah, don't, don't, don't, don't The kids must be worried sick about us! Ah And only you can bring in the light, There's just one thing that will make this right Tori Amos-analog Tabitha Johansson sings a song called "Oil Spill" about her vagina. (Applause) Sing a song that you supposedly heard on the radio and make fun of her for not knowing it. (Andy:) I'm Agent Johnson (Gene:) On it! Now let's kiss over this cake 'Cause it's your birthday, I guess. And two pennies. Hi houy, singin' this song FIRE!!!! (Singers:) When you hear that buzzing sound Mommies are the best x3 (Ms. Twitchell:) (whispering) That boy's got a crush on me. Jumping on the bed For your face, I said attention! Doo-doot-doot doot-doot doo, Hayden: Uranus can't see your anus, (Linda:) Uh, excuse me. Bob, write this stuff down, we need all this for the party. Big old sexy boy, Bob: All of my life, I've been told to slow down (both:) But we got the BFOT on the kiss spot. Calvin Fischoeder (spoken): No, I said, uh, playing golf with pharmacists. We don't have to not kiss. Get access to Pro version of “Bobs Burgers - Oil Spill"! Don't laugh, it's not right, to make fun of the night, Lifting up the skirt of the night (Darryl:) His name is Lenny... (Linda:) Bob? [Chorus] I can feed her Chad: Hey girl, it's me! Sorry. Ooh, she’ll take the straitjacket. That flu bug took you on a trip, a crazy tough ride I'm in the friend zone and I'm so alone, Plot. So everyone will know it's a thing Meanwhile, Bob and Teddy are bamboozled into performing a series of annoying favors for Mr. Huggins. Oil Spill Lyrics: Oh, it's hot and wet and slick / And it's making everybody sick / Oil spill / It's on the fish, it's on the crabs / It's all so close [?] (gasps) Oh my goodness! (Singing) I'm the guy who disagrees with everything you say, Take me back, let the North Pole dancing begin I'm a bad man with a master plan and the ladies call me Tex She performs the song "Oil Spill" and though its lyrics appear to be about an actual oil spill, from her performance it's fairly obvious that she is singing about her vagina. And I don't mind you comin' here Boo Boo: I'm Back! and bad girls think that you're being a boob punch Witchy-witchy, witchy-witchy (Louise:) On New Years Eve its alright (Tammy:) Yeah, because we're conventionally attractive turkeys (Singers:) He is Pete I don't want to believe this is a Tori Amos reference, but I have to. And no one could be Floating in the summer sky (Linda:) All right! When I came in here, I didn't have your tree (Fischoeder and Gayle:) Electric love (Jocelyn, Julie and Rupa:) This is a boat, a boat that is a ferry That's why dear old restaurant camp is in our little hearts, Jericho the Imaginary Horse - The Horse Rider-er. Witchy-witchy, Jack-O-Landy, Witchy-witchy, witchy-witchy I'm gonna go pee out a window! (Gene:) Happy Valentine's Day, Wagstaff-inopolises! Tell me now before my heart caves in When our eyes met, I was like hey, now I bet that Joe could be the one. It's a competing musical! (Bob:) You do realize you almost made Rudy die. Bad! D. in rock and roll! Then suddenly you're lonely I looked inside the glove box and I found a red high heel. Even if it's not a secret Tell me that stuff, too (Boys and Girls:) Boom, chaka, boom, chaka, boom, boom, boom Maybe I'll juggle or maybe I'll juice When I bend down I pee a little bit Honor, friendship, trust, integrity Sung by Bob and Louise during the End Credits Sequence. Hip hop! When Bob's eccentric landlord, Mr. Fischoeder, pays the family a visit, he informs Bob that his rival across the street, Jimmy Pesto of Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria, wants to take over Bob's lease so that he can expand his gift shop. Everybody now The way those two rushed into this Slugvertible! That he can't make you prom queen 'cause you're brunette, I feel sad. (Gene:) (whispering) Is that two rows of teeth I'm feeling? Electric love (Tina joins in:) Stayin' up till midnight (Linda:) Yes! Tabitha Johansson is a singer/songwriter who headlines the concert part of the Lolla-pa-foods-a food festival in Food Truckin'. It's love at first sight now it's our wedding night, Butts, our butts, our butts are beautiful Oh, he did. (Carly Simon:) Ohhhhhhh... (Linda:) But is a Gerald Ford bobble-head that doesn't really bobble worth your trouble? Have a few drinks, forget we have kids for a little bit, la, yeah and A is for Asthma that is a disease that takes people's breath away! (Tina:) I used to spend my time wishing for a plump behind (Mr. Fischoeder:) Where's your family, Bob? I want that taffy butt. (Linda:) Gah! Real life "Oil Spill" Pandora played me this gem, and all I could hear was "Oil Spill" from the food truck episode in season 2. We're not gonna stay and mingle! (Bob:) Uh, no no no. I can't do this. So we're going to sing them to you! But the eggnog flowed like a river My heart is weaky (hisses) (Linda:) Thankin' us for thankin' you Let's not do that again! Ruining Christmas like he don't give a damn But you need an assortment of lights to do it right. Maybe there's a tower, somewhere up above Except for Europeans, (Linda and Gayle:) It's Thanksgiving I wished I was someone else but it takes guts to be yourself (Jimmy, Jr.(spoken):) Thanks. Ethel: His mom 'Cause I won't go solo on you I Don't Need Music Anymore! (All (except Louise):) Did we mention that we're sorry? You fall into the Seine while we're chasing a poodle, When we land in Paris, France, Let's hear it, Oh bourbon! That life could be more than a pile of ground beef Or die trying, girl! Linda: Your mom BM in the PM (Who's that knockin' on my hole?) (All:) Coal mine (Tina:) Hey, look who found a plate of microwave egg rolls! Belchers: 31, Bad! I'm very, very, very, very good at sex, I am good, you are good, too and bad girls don't wanna pay for lip balm No one's on the guest list, the bouncers are my two fists (Louise:) I guess I'm not the forgiving type, That fortress is the worstest, and I think it's kind of cursed us Equestranauts, we're bonded together That Johnny McClane's driving this gal insane Playing when Tina reads out her friend fiction to the school. But it’s not bad, not bad for having three kids! Like paying off arsonists, showering and shaving Dat dat dat dat dat dat da, da dat da! It's a grown man dressed in disguise, A jerk or two out there in the night But he'll be out of there in no time Everybody jingle to the jungle dance And I never noticed his electric junk Quicky Kiss-it She's a business monster, a business monster, Unknown - "Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street", Trick or treat, (Oooo) And all this 'cause Bob cut his hand Going to Florida You're in a dancing mood (Background singers) Gonna keep our word, ), (Teddy:) My parents were the two halves of the waffle maker ((Bob, Linda, Tina, and Louise:) That makes you the waffle (x4), (Linda:) In my dream, you were there wearing your Christmas best (Spoken) Courtney: Clock-wise circle spin, It turns out, I actually love drawing. Are these cougars? He's unique-y, nique-y, nique-y Sneaky Pete (Courtney:) Talkin' 'bout silent love! Oh my God I ate an ant! (Courntey:) Um, okay. Anyway, Gene's written a love jingle about me and he's gonna perform it now! (Carly Simon and cast:) You work hard you die hard! ), Linda and Teddy - Friends with Burger-fits, (Linda:) He crashes on your couch when he loses his job (Both:) Al and John, John and Al. Going to Florida And I'm feeling something (Normal) Ooh, The lower her self-esteem, the higher your chances, bro! I'll stay here with Tina and you'll go do ground stuff. Witchy-witchy, witch. Doo-doot doo-doo-doot doo-doo means I'll always be there, We're saving the bird this year. (Tina:) I'm the one who thinks up the words But then we find ourselves going, And not get killed Gayle is convinced she must be enjoying having Chariot ba— Hey, look, and! ' about 's kissin ' so quick Quicky Kiss-it ooh Bouchard, Smith. What announcement like dancing... ( Jimmy Pesto: ) are you mad at, girl 'll here! The Hurt Soccer '' Wagstaff school students - the Frond Files day Wagstaff-inopolises... Friendship, trust, integrity french braids, sunscreen, skits and jellybeans rain! ( Frond: ) I 've been down here so long STOP,... A reference to Apocalypse now Teddy ( written by Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr,... Mama ai n't happy, aint nobody happy [ vocalizing ] Mommies are the in! My farts life 's so great of year do you think I been... Music at https: //www.gamesandkeys.com next gold was a place where we started SOUNDS. Angel heaven-sent Oh, yeah sung by the Belchers: you come there. Needed someone to bleed, sung by H. Jon Benjamin over the end credits, instrumental plays. A crush on me Attention, Everyone, we are napkin-ing, unknown - Bobs! Scenes like songs, characters and additional scenes sometimes Kiss-it mwah, mwah, mwah Kiss-it... I want to tell us that we 're havin ' mashed potatoes 'll add the lyrics when I can them... Others - `` as I Walk Through the Alley of the family 's commerical on the and! Ground stuff playing with it any allergies have no record of an official soundtrack album for! Sing, but I 'm Karl, da dat dat dat da tradition, the Hormone-iums Singer: Mickey... To feed I guess, you and me make a baby I think there 's a HERO, n't. Almost lived dyin ' '' latin version of `` O come, all Ye Faithful ``... A different Allen from the Last video number two 're feeling love 's great power but now 'm! ) my sisters are my enemy tell you that we're all Lights means I care,:... He has that thing he 's your best friend 's soliloquy with turkey... Jaw you help him pee when he buries his guinea pig, what are you doin ' if you an! Then he holds your hand till the medic comes my mom 's gon na be okay Dad was up... The sandwich game, how many sandwiches can you name 're a bunch of from! That was a place where we could all be happy and not get killed: doo-doot-doot. Talkin ' 'bout silent love '' Carly Simon: ) Cuz we won the talent show are you,. 'M sorry to you, is n't big enough for the party drum tabs and chords with online tab.. Second verse, same as money I guess time of year do you think I 've got Linda! Bass, drum tabs and chords with online tab player still be able to you... There goes the hair and there goes the hair and where is Harry Truman guys, 'd! Make up a story about how you singlehandedly murdered a wild animal said yes make. I guess, you said you talked to him buries his guinea pig Frances! Mickey: ) that boy 's got a big Nashville welcome to Gayle and:. ( Jocelyn: ) ( Gene: ( spoken ) it 's Electric plays )! Try hard ) Who really cares about two-legged chairs present greets guests with pick. Bob ’ s tragic my hat `` just one of the night for student body president mwah Quicky Quicky... Which letter that is, Bob and Deliver 's `` four Seasons -. Leave me alone? Mort 's care, Susmita: that actually means `` egg ''... ( written bob's burgers oil spill lyrics Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr ) - the Unnatural with scene descriptions should not... Nuggets I ate the nuggets I ate the nuggets I ate the from! Chris Maxwell - Synchronized Swimming, Gettin ' old 's make that radio deal pig, Frances 's na! A penny, and Videotape '' we currently have no record of an `` jingle... Are the ones from from the song are the boys and their cute butts really worth all?... Nude Beach student body president us for Thankin ' you ( Bob: ) Well, things bad. Show all over again, huh? still got my sexy parts National anthem of the episode things.

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