Like a tube microphone, the TLM 49 produces I have been using the TLM 49 on many voices in my studio for 2 years going into a UA x6 with the Neve 1084 plugin. It is fat and warm. Neumann TLM49使用感レビュー!最高にコスパに優れた一本! 2019年5月12日 2020年7月4日 先日遊びに行った知人のホームスタジオで、Neumann TLM49をテストさせていただきました ( ټ ) 兼ねてから非常に気になって The sound of Neumann’s vintage classics, recreated with trouble free FET circuitry. The TLM 49 uses the same capsule and the same iconic headgrille design as the legendary M 49. It is smoother than the the nice midrange sound of a U87 and the extra sibilant sound of my 414. Neumann TLM 107 vs AKG C414 XLII When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Der stylische Navigationsschalter auf der Rückseite With the TLM 107 Neumann has come up with an affordable ‘Swiss army microphone’ in the spirit of the AKG C414, but without sacrificing the sonic qualities of the brand. It’s unmistakably a Neumann tone, but free from distortion and tweaked in the top and bottom for more contemporary music production requirements. Für das TLM 107 wurde bewusst ein moderner Look gewählt, obgleich der abgeschrägte Mikrofonkorb an das ikonische Design des Neumann-Röhrenklassikers M 49 erinnert. Neumann TLM102 & TLM 107 Issue #30 It sometimes seems as though many of the world’s microphone manufacturers are obsessed with recreating the designs and characteristics of decades-old classics, and given the recording industry’s apparent matching obsession, this isn’t unreasonable.

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