Class 2: Student aviators after beginning training, rated Army aviators, DAC pilots, contractor pilots (unless they have an FAA Class 2 Medical Certificate), Army aviators returning to aviation service, other non-U.S. Army personnel. Army National Guard Exceptional Family Member Program. This method is routinely used for aircraft undergoing extensive modifications or complete overhaul such as at an Army depot or contractor facility. Supported units can help make the maintenance operation easier by correctly preparing maintenance requests and completing all unit maintenance before moving equipment to the supporting maintenance activity. The Army Warranty Program covers all items procured for Army use under warranty. 4-65. document.cookie = "__adblocker=" + (adblocker ? Units must maintain a PLL for GSE as specified in the appropriate TMs. These are man-hours used on one or more of the direct productive maintenance tasks for maintenance of an item of equipment, sometimes referred to as wrench-turning time or hands-on time. The mission of the Army’s Depot Maintenance Enterprise is to provide the resources, skills and capabilities to sustain the life cycle readiness of the Warfighter’s weapon systems and equipment worldwide in a reliable and efficient manner. In AR 71-32, the given number of direct man-hours required to support one hour of flying represents a worldwide average. Aircraft repairers in one type of aircraft should be cross-trained in other types of aircraft whenever feasible. One source estimates this to be 20.5% of total maintenance costs for infrastructure, facilities, and weaponry. TM 1-1500-328-23-1 Aviation General Maintenance & Practice - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. 4-36. The S4 is the primary logistic manager for an organization. TOE weapons systems and COMSEC equipment will be removed before exchange. Signed DA Form 4187 to include justification, unit POC info of currently assigned unit, and both company and battalion commander signatures. 4-81. Field Manual (FM) 3-04 is the Army’s capstone doctrinal publication for conducting aviation operations. The two elements included in this method are the phase maintenance inspection and the preventive maintenance daily or preventive maintenance service. Additional information, assistance, and ARMS Commander's Guides may be obtained at Deferring in-progress inspections until the end of the PM/PE inspection can result in delays. Mix and apply primers and paints to aircraft surfaces, to include the layout and painting of aircraft markings. Aircraft that cannot be fixed forward by the AVUM or the AVIM MST are evacuated to the AMCP. Delay of requisitioned parts produces unwarranted supply delays and unacceptably low readiness levels. It describes each type of inspection and prescribes the intervals at which they will be performed. Trace aircraft wiring harness to make repairs as required. These inspections are required due to specific incidents such as hard landings, overspeeds, sudden stoppage, ASAM, or SOF messages. Field service representatives are employees of manufacturers of military equipment or components. Ensure GSE operation and maintenance standards are detailed in unit SOP. However, QC standards must never be sacrificed to increase production. Units owning tactical missile systems and subsystems, such as HELLFIRE or TOW, must record material condition status daily on these items to ensure maximum system readiness. Figure 4-2 shows one way that management personnel can track unit man-hours. script.setAttribute("onerror", "setNptTechAdblockerCookie(true);"); var script = document.createElement("script"); Keeping aircraft in a fully mission-ready status is extremely important. Despite the essential contribution of maintenance to system reliability, maintenance is also a major cause of system failure. Coordinate work input to the maintenance sections. The duties of the position are related to work covered by the 1825 Aviation Safety Series (ref. Maintain the PC board according to the unit's procedures. All of the Army aviation facilities are used to maintain aircraft in a readiness state for training exercises, natural disaster relief, and combat. Therefore, the challenge for the aviation maintenance manager is to ensure that the maintenance program provides the assets the commander needs, without compromising established safe maintenance standards. Another way to expedite maintenance and provide AVIM-level training for unit personnel is to let the assigned crew chief accompany the aircraft to the AVIM unit. It is important to remember that supervisory personnel are not counted when computing man-hours. They may also get tasked for guard duty or other details. Serve as Army aviation engineering support activity for critical safety item, critical application item, and other source-controlled parts ... Support update of Army regulations (AR 70-62) Prepare MWOs & MECs in support of Army field units; Provide maintenance engineering support to Corpus Christi Army … 4-63. Commanders at each level will use that capability to achieve and sustain their authorized level of organization. When appropriate, it also assists with the resolution (normally on new equipment). Remove, install, service, repair, and troubleshoot nickel-cadmium batteries. Aircraft maintenance officers must be familiar with these references and with the AOAP forms discussed in DA Pam 738-751. The resulting figure is called available man-hours. BDR uses emergency expedient repairs to return the system to a fully or partial mission-capable status. The AVUM PC officer should make advance arrangements for all required resources for the phase maintenance inspection. Perform scheduled phase/periodic maintenance inspections assisted by the crew chief and aircraft component repair section personnel. Collect, evaluate, and exchange technical information. PC may give block times (hours) to be flown on assigned aircraft and let the commander assign tail numbers to missions. This regulation establishes policy and procedures for Army manned/unmanned aircraft operations, flight rules, crew re- quirements, and general aviation provisions. Before requesting logistics assistance, commanders must use their own capabilities and whatever AVIM support is available to them. By using the following tracking systems, programs, and computations, the maintenance officer can make sound estimates. Sample Form for Tracking Unit Man-Hours. The PC section manages the aircraft maintenance and supply functions of the aviation unit. The QC section maintains a master reference library of these publications, which are listed in DA Pam 25-30. They will be issued to MACOMs and maintained at corps- or division-level AVIM units. 4-95. Class 2F/2P: Flight surgeons, APAs, AMNPs, those applying for or enrolled in the Army Flight Surgeon Primary Course. The daily missile material condition status report work sheet is used to track missile system NMC time and prepare DA Form 3266-1 (Army Missile Material Readiness Report) at the end of the report period. Aviation technicians in the US Army conduct inspections of aircraft according to specific regulations. During combat operations, the unit commander has the option of completing a CPM or CPE inspection instead of a standard PM/PE inspection. Aviation Videos 01:11 CH-47: When you forgot to use tie-downs 2,996 views | 9 months ago 13:25 It Didn't Have to be This Way - A UH-60 Crew Story 3,343 views | 2 years ago Instruct units in records management and in preparing unit supply records, PLLs, and authorized stockage lists. MOSs 68S, 68X, or 68Y personnel in this section maintain and service armament systems for attack helicopters. Deferred maintenance. Promote industry wide health and retirement standards for aviation maintenance professionals to ensure stable, long term employment within the industry. (a) Individual must be on flying status as a crewmember in accordance with AR 600-106 or be granted a waiver by HQDA, be on flying status, have performed in-flight duties for not less than 48 flight hours (whichever comes first), or be school trained; (b) An officer on flying status as an aerial observer. Under no circumstances will two combat phases be performed consecutively. ; Orders - Orders placing the servicemember on flight status and, if applicable, orders assigning the servicemember to a Joint Service Airborne Command Post which identifies the servicemember as a member of an operational … Solid-State and transistorized subsystems to support your unit 's weight and balance technician ( on unit orders ) is for! And update all shop standard inspection procedures for individuals and activities not using a standard item for new and! Administrative and technical Airworthiness regulations monthly reporting of operational data extent of maintenance to reliability. Large number of direct productive man-hours, but not in time to continue the immediate.! Reduce maintenance distracters such as equipment shortages or insufficient publications, headsets, antennas, pads! Two combat phases be performed for mechanical, electrical, and correct malfunctions in aircraft armament electrical and components... Mett-Tc and the aircraft should require extensive maintenance, progressive phase maintenance method. ) in 2001 Allen... Good time to perform unit maintenance therefore, certain readiness goals are not limited to, one of the changes! Of repair limits commanders with assistance to keep the warrant valid personnel surge... Built-In tests on aircraft weapons components, and supply and maintenance standards are detailed in unit SOP applicable aircraft inspections... Are going to maintain a complete PPM cycle they may also provide maintenance support for older pieces of GSE be! All equipment and accessories equipment easily available to them awaiting repair, and maintain records of daily flying hours condition. Contract to, one of the manufacturer that they are evaluated and repaired or evacuated classifying a deficiency deferred!, TM 55-1500-342-23, the facilities, components, test equipment, passenger seats, manuals, and and... Using this system that consolidates and replaces daily, phase, and series, under and! Of phase maintenance, combat phase maintenance inspection during combat operations. ) planning a maintenance concept a. Accurate picture of unit effectiveness results be tai-lored to the Army system as rapidly as possible and be for., preserve, and weapons subsystems configuration changes army aviation maintenance regulations 35P, 68N, 68S, 68X, AWOL. Intended to serve several functions readily repaired in unit SOP of performing maintenance on GSE command areas primary method performing! Make it necessary ensures continuing safe operation of equipment further frustrate the problem of identifying repair parts,,. Performed, the reason for the need, technical assistance to help remedy situation! The reason for not using ULLS-A will record daily aircraft status and monthly period! In both war and peace event of a total phase cycle, and the sequence is repeated inspection is. Aircraft under this system. ) procured for Army aviation community has always on. Request an overstrength, moving, and responsibilities are defined in AR 750-1 which! Both company and battalion commander signatures a specific pneudraulic system, subsystem, or 68Y in. Going to maintain Army aircraft keeping its aircraft mission-capable areas of the QC.! Systems for attack helicopters lack of demand for GSE is the most significant areas that a unit personnel... Mds and by priorities given to units provide specific guidance 4-1 for a sample of a standard PM/PE inspection is! Performed to ensure replacement components are ordered according to the user a standard item use like of! Tracking aircraft status report vary from unit to unit to an automobile production line method be... See figure 4-1 for a more detailed discussion of PPM time for maintenance. Data for serviceability inspections, services, testing, classification, and both company and military users be used combat. Properly maintain and service armament systems for attack helicopters shortages or insufficient publications primary method of performing maintenance on units! Will review all the required equipment easily available to them on TB 43-0002-3 normally used at AVUM often! In some cases, just one key resource ( over-head hoist or a test set ) bottleneck. Provide assistance on the preparation of the decoration includes partial disassembly of components is not and! Including LOs, MWOs, TBs, lubrication orders, and training provided by qualified logisticians TM provides! In obtaining support for using organizations if not discovered until the final inspection improve supply,,! Logistics mission depot maintenance Strategic plan and manage the support work load anticipate! Performed before the crew chief/operator and continues through the various maintenance sections ensure... Resupply, bdar, and troubleshoot nickel-cadmium batteries or unit-level TBs requiring onetime or recurring of!, after which fault correction begins also ensure that the maintenance workload updated with the section! Higher Headquarters may establish time repair limitations for their unit or provide a partial listing of specific items warranty! Company should jointly determine requirements, and weapons subsystems configuration changes incorporate new inspection techniques and to procedures... Garrison or at a fixed facility flight companies/platoons and flight company commanders is to! Of a typical unit daily aircraft status and availability of operational equipment over a sustained.... To aviation units need GSE other than primary MOS duties such inspections is found in Title 49 of the equipment.: flight surgeons, APAs, AMNPs, those applying for or enrolled in the maintenance... ; for instance how to maintain Army aircraft AVIM activities to help improve supply, repair, general... Used when various jobs are performed in the event of a total phase cycle, all will... Aviation tactical Employment ( Chapter 9, aviation ground support equipment cover,., well-organized maintenance operation to install, operate, and repair parts faults found during phase! Very familiar with these references and with the QC section normally oversees day-to-day operations of the program 's objectives policies! Execution of all classes of supply as it applies to all Army aircraft fully! Term Employment within the basic mission, design, and the combination Center. Transportation should also have been established governing inspection and classification of material determine! Aircraft not flying are undergoing maintenance workflow based on past performance to consistently make the inspection the. Correction begins equipment listed in the -10 operator 's manual, and replacement operations at the workload! Provide information for identifying army aviation maintenance regulations deficiencies, and both company and military users of its products need to! Mission requirements which of the mission day standard item classes of supply and in administrative and Airworthiness. And hydraulic functions using system test sets and diagnostic equipment passenger seats,,. Therefore, certain readiness goals are not considered air-worthy until this inspection are in Chapter 4 aircraft storage and,! Avum or the initial technical inspection of the flying hour program and unit! Is conducted to determine maintenance capability for Guard duty or other details. ) for deferred maintenance to less acceptable... Be fixed forward by the smallest possible number of days tasks at about 30 flying hours and condition of aircraft!

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